Were you disappointed when you watched the ‘Yesterday’ trailer for The Division? I was. I thought it was going to be a trailer that made good use of a licensed track. Instead, what we got was a bland, forgettable CGI trailer about something I can’t even remember any more.

In fact, I was so disappointed that I took the licensed track I thought was missing, and recut the trailer. It’s not perfect, and the end doesn’t have the punch that I really wanted, but for the most part it’s more the trailer I wanted than before.

Some people may disagree. But sometimes, the most obvious choice is the most effective one.



I get back to Nottingham today, and I am relieved. I’m relieved, partly because spending time with family is exhausting, especially when you’ve spent so much time apart. But also partly because Nottingham is more home to me now than anywhere was before. (more…)

The Future is More

I love mashup media. You know those videos that are supercuts of loads of moments in films? Like a supercut of movies where a character says “Get Down!”, or a supercut of people in movies hitting computers to make them work. It’s simultaneously celebrating, but also pointing and laughing at our movie industry.

Some people take it further. Way further. (more…)