I studied Classical Contemporary Composition at University. That’s basically a fancy way of saying ‘classical music that doesn’t sound classical’.

I also contributed to a podcast while I was at Uni. It was called AudioFictions. It was a podcast comprised of Harry Potter Fanfiction read aloud like an audio book; hence ‘AudioFictions’.



I get back to Nottingham today, and I am relieved. I’m relieved, partly because spending time with family is exhausting, especially when you’ve spent so much time apart. But also partly because Nottingham is more home to me now than anywhere was before. (more…)

The Future is More

I love mashup media. You know those videos that are supercuts of loads of moments in films? Like a supercut of movies where a character says “Get Down!”, or a supercut of people in movies hitting computers to make them work. It’s simultaneously celebrating, but also pointing and laughing at our movie industry.

Some people take it further. Way further. (more…)