The Future is More

I love mashup media. You know those videos that are supercuts of loads of moments in films? Like a supercut of movies where a character says “Get Down!”, or a supercut of people in movies hitting computers to make them work. It’s simultaneously celebrating, but also pointing and laughing at our movie industry.

Some people take it further. Way further. Continue reading “The Future is More”

Analogue Pixel – Podcast Network

I’ve had this thing for a while now. Analogue Pixel. Over the years, I’ve tried to do a few things with it; news site, YouTube channel, amongst other things. One thing I do enjoy is podcasts. There’s actually a pilot for one on the soundcloud, you can listen to it here:

And I thought rather than letting the name gather dust in a corner of the internet, I would try and do something interesting. Continue reading “Analogue Pixel – Podcast Network”


What with GameCity in Nottingham this week, and the whole Gamergate mess, I wanted to make a vaguely related video while I had access to all of my friends (because to me they are purely a resource to be consumed).

I never got to make the video, I ended up having too much fun just hanging out and meeting people. Here’s the script for you to read and imagine in your mind-brains: Continue reading “Actually…”