30 Thoughts Throughout my Day

    1. I should wake up.
    2. I’m thirsty.
    3. I’m hungry.
    4. I should shower.
    5. I should get dressed.
    6. I should get the tube.
    7. I should wait for the next train, it’ll probably be less full.
    8. I should have gotten the last train, it was less full.
    9. I should try and get that seat- nope, too late.
    10. I should read my book.
    11. I can’t read my book whilst standing up.
    12. 9 stops to go.
    13. 8 stops to go.
    14. 7 stops to go.
    15. Wait, did I fall asleep? What’s the next stop?!
    16. 6 stops to go.
    17. Ok, next stop.
    18. Is it Shortlist day today?
    19. I should get some breakfast.
    20. I should check reddit.
    21. I should do some work.
    22. I should check reddit.
    23. I should get some lunch.
    24. I should do some work.
    25. Is it time to go home yet?
    26. I should check reddit.
    27. I should go home.
    28. I should get some dinner.
    29. I’m too tired to get dinner, I should just go straight to bed.
    30. I should check reddit first, though.

Unnamed Tapping Game


I’ve been able to flex quite a few creative muscles recently and some of those involve game ideas. You may have read my RPG Introduction recently, and while that is certainly one of the ideas I’d like to pursue, I have had other, simpler ideas.

Here is one I’ve had for a mobile game, which I’m currently trying to get made: