Unnamed Tapping Game

I’ve been able to flex quite a few creative muscles recently and some of those involve game ideas. You may have read my RPG Introduction recently, and while that is certainly one of the ideas I’d like to pursue, I have had other, simpler ideas.

Here is one I’ve had for a mobile game, which I’m currently trying to get made: (more…)

Cheap Video Game Trailers!


Are you making a game? Do you need a trailer, but don’t know where to start?

Then get in touch! I’m a freelance video editor who loves video games, and I love it when the two overlap.

So I’m offering anyone who wants a trailer for their game, the option of a 1 minute trailer for just £10.

Am I insane? Possibly. But I’m also very poor and I need to pay my rent somehow, so why not do it making videos?

If you want to talk about a trailer for your game, then just send me an email at the address below:

jason [dot] dewey [at] me [dot] com

Just so you know I’m not lying, here is a trailer I made for Remember Me, with Simple Minds “Don’t You Forget About Me”. I’m sure you get the joke.

Lego VW Camper Van

So I went shopping yesterday and went to the Lego outlet in Westfield. I ended up spending £80 on the Lego VW Camper Van and it was such a great purchase.

Took nearly 5 hours to build, but it was a labour of love. It’s a really great design and the details are fantastic. I took the liberty of taking some snaps in better light, so take a look below.

I have to admit, this has rekindled my love for Lego. Which set should I get next? I do like the look of the Modular Buildings as well as the Back to the Future DeLorean and the Minecraft sets. What do you think?

Photo Blog – Eurogamer Expo 2013

So this year’s Eurogamer was pretty freaking great. I won’t go into details, since there are other places that will do that better and more in-depth.

In the meantime though, enjoy some pictures from the weekend. I also heartily recommend you check out my favourite game of the show, Three Monkeys. Check their twitter feed for more information:


I Sh*t You Not – Episode 1 (Sharknado)

podcast album cover

So I started a podcast with a bunch of friends. The gist of it is that Christos and Rik each try to fool Sean into believing something, and Sean has to decide which person he believes. It’s essentially Would I Lie To You in podcast form.

You can listen to the podcast below or you can click on the album artwork above and go to the Soundcloud page and listen to it there. If you like it, please share it!